Daylight exists to share the Gospel with prisoners, to support prisoners during their sentences and to provide practical post-release support to reduce the likelihood of reoffending. 

Bringing Change from the Inside

Daylight works to share the Gospel of Christ with prisoners and to support them during their sentences by running chapel services, group Bible studies and courses such as Christianity Explored. Our volunteers also write to and visit individual prisoners in need of support. We seek to disciple those who have come to Christ in prison, or those who were Christians when they came in, seeking their restoration.

We work in partnership with prison chaplains across the UK to help prisoners maintain contact with the outside world so that they are better able to readjust to life on the outside after release.

Bringing Change from the Inside Out

When we have got to know a prisoner during their time in prison,  Daylight also seeks to support them when they are released, working in partnership with organisations such as the Community Chaplaincy Association and The Welcome Directory to see ex-offenders settled into suitable local churches.

Further information can be found on our Help on Release page.

“I wish to extend heartfelt thanks for what Daylight are doing. Bringing the message of hope and the promises of God’s kingdom to prisons.” (Prisoner)