Advice for Churches Receiving Ex-offenders

 Due to the challenges involved in supporting those leaving prison, Daylight has formed partnerships with organisations who are expert in this field, and we strongly recommend that you visit their websites to see what they are able to offer.

In some areas, there will be Community Chaplaincies willing to offer support, and further information can be found on the website of the Community Chaplaincy Association of which Daylight is an associate member.

 Daylight is also an Affliiate of The Welcome Directory which provides help, training and advice to local churches wanting to welcome ex-offenders into their congregation, so that they can be given pastoral support, whilst also ensuring that important safeguarding matters are correctly addressed. Further information can be found on their website

 Both Community Chaplaincy Association members and The Welcome Directory can be a real help and support to churches and individuals wanting to show the love of Christ to those coming out of custody, at a time when support can make the difference between a new life and returning to old and unhelpful ways of living.