Help on Release

Here is an extract of a WhatsApp conversation between a man we got know in prison and a Daylight staff member:

11:59, Pete: I made it at last, Simon! “Patience is a virtue…”

12:01, Simon: Excellent news, Pete. May the church be a blessing to you and you to the church.

12:03, Pete: Thank you. You wouldn’t believe the change the Lord has made in my life over these last 14/15 months!!!

12:05, Simon: He truly is a wonderful God. Such a privilege to service Him! Keep going, brother: Hebrews 12: 1 & 2

12:07, Pete: Amen to that!!!

 This conversation is a result of months of contact with Pete, firstly at Sunday services in more than one prison, then a series of letters leading up to his release. During that time, we were seeking to find a church willing to receive Pete, which was not easy because he was to be released to a suitable hostel, and where this would be kept changing.

 Due to the nature of Pete’s offence finding a church able and willing to help him was not without its challenges. With regular prayer from our staff member’s Prayer & Support Group, and with patient persistence, the Lord led us to find a suitable church that was willing to help, and the WhatsApp exchange above came about when Pete got in touch to let us know he was being received into church membership. Praise God!

 When we have come to know a prisoner during their sentence, we seek to support them when they are released. To help us in this, Daylight is an Associate Member of the Community Chaplaincy Association (CCA).

 Members of the CCA train their volunteers in providing immediate practical support to prisoners on release and Daylight Prayer & Support Groups can connect with them and work alongside them. CCA members can also assist ex-offenders in finding a suitable church.

 If you are a church looking for information on receiving an ex-offender, more information can be found on our Advice for Churches page.

I know how much of a difference Daylight has made in my life and the lives of many with whom I served time. Thank you for caring.” Ed (Ex-offender)