April Prayer Points 2013



The Lord is risen indeed!

Please find attached our latest Prayer points for your use and encouragement.

With thoughts of Easter recently in our minds we acknowledge how we need the power of the risen Christ in our own lives, and to be manifested in the hearts and minds of the prisoners to whom we minister.

A number of those involved with Daylight’s work have spoken recently of feeling God’s encouragement, with an interest being shown in the word preached and shared, and with some prisoners coming to an open profession of faith. Our primary aim is that God would bless our efforts to the salvation of the lost and the strengthening of believers in prison, supporting them when they leave. We obviously need those who will go into prisons on Daylight’s behalf, but we never forget that we need the prayers of the Lord’s people to sustain us, so your prayerful interest and support is vital to our work.

Whilst we know that the Lord is sovereign, we also know that He is a God Who answers prayer. Some may think this is a contradiction, but it is a precious biblical truth and one in which we delight!

May the Lord bless you in your walk with Him,


Steven St John

CEO Daylight CPT



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