December Newsletter 2014

…God was manifest in the flesh… 1 Timothy 3:16

 As we come towards the end of the year we give God thanks for His great faithfulness. And we are thankful too for the way He has used our supporters and volunteers to sustain and bless the work.

People responded with great kindness and generosity when we made our financial needs known some months ago. We learned that the Lord does use means, and we must be sensible to that, but He can also do things in ways we have not considered.

 As our financial resources were renewed, new opportunities opened up which required more travel, which adds to costs; the Lord’s timing, as always, is perfect.

 During the year we have been very conscious of our prayer support and the way prayers have been answered – by a letter, email or phone call, or (most blessed of all), by the response from a prisoner in a service or Bible study. Brethren and sisters, please continue to pray for us.

 We held our first Daylight conferences earlier in the year and these provided an opportunity for our supporters to hear more about the work and to meet those for whom they pray so faithfully.

 Lindsay Jarman and our volunteers have been greatly helped in the mentoring programme in Bristol this year. This work will be going through a period of transition in 2015 and wisdom will be needed. Meanwhile our letter writers have continued their very valuable work in the background, ably managed by one of our volunteers from the Chelmsford office.

 Next year, as well as new prison opportunities, for which we bless God, there are two new possible areas for Daylight; they would be new in terms of geography and type of ministry but they fit well with our experience and approach. Both have arisen apparently “out of the blue.” Could these be termed Macedonian requests (Acts 16:9)?

Yours through His grace,

Steven St John

Chief Executive

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