July Prayer Points 2014

“…O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever...”

(Psalm 107:1)

Below are our July Prayer Points.

Supporters continue to respond to our mailing regarding our financial situation. We have been greatly touched by the gifts which have been large and small. Even more humbling has been the number of letters and emails received where people assured us of their regular prayers for Daylight’s ministry.

Two weeks ago I went into a new prison (for Daylight) with a team of eight, only one of whom had any previous prison experience. Meetings and visits to prepare for the service took many months and much patience and involved considerable travel. The group involved (from different churches) prayed much over the opportunity.

On the day I was rather overwhelmed by the grace of God displayed in the reaction of the prisoners, our team members, and the chaplaincy. As well as a clear gospel message and a personal testimony, a number of good conversations took place where both believing and unbelieving prisoners were encouraged, including one who quoted Hebrews 10:26 and asked if there was still mercy for him. We hope that by God’s grace we will have a new Daylight Prayer and Support Group and developing opportunities in this prison. Please pray for this.

Yours in our Saviour,

Steven St John

Chief Executive

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