What we believe

We believe that every prisoner should hear the good news of Jesus Christ and that every ex-offender should be able to access the help they need to rebuild their lives after release. Daylight is:


We believe that every prisoner needs to hear the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We believe that prisoners and ex-offenders are best reached and supported through genuine local relationships and we work hard at building long-term relationships through which we can deliver the support that they need.

Nationally-reaching, regionally-coordinated and locally-rooted

 Working across the United Kingdom, our work is coordinated at a regional level by Daylight staff and rooted in local activity through trained volunteers. Our local network of support groups and volunteers, along with partnerships with local churches and other organisations means that prisoners and ex-offenders can be put in touch with someone in the part of the country they are serving their sentence in or being released to.


We work with churches, chaplaincies, partner organisations, local supporters and trained volunteers to reach more prisoners behind bars and to support more ex-offenders after release.

A good steward of financial support

We will use the gifts given to the work of Daylight wisely and in a way that furthers the work with offenders and ex-offenders.


We are accountable and transparent to our donors, funders and partners in order to maintain integrity in our work.


Our work is marked by professionalism that enables us to work efficiently and effectively.

Please see our doctrinal statement for more information.

God bless all of you at Daylight, we will never be able to thank you enough for being there.” (From Daylight supporters whose foster son was in prison)